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April 20, 2019

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Annual Meeting

Meeting Schedule: On Sunday, May 6, 2001 at 11:00am, the Annual Meeting of the St. George's Club was held at the Marriott Seaview Resort in the Atlantic City, NJ area. The meeting had approximately 19 Club member attendees Including MAC spouses. No new updates of revisions to the 1981 Timeshare Act and the companion Club Rules & Regulations were introduced. Attendees indicated that the prospects for viable revisions were very dim.

In the recent elections the two MAC incumbants, Richard Lawrence and Allan Church, were asked to serve for three more years since they were unopposed. See the MAC members link page for details.

Just prior to the meeting Club members were advised by a letter from Sally-Ann Woolf, the current Developer, that she, with the concurrance of the Director of Tourism, would lower the 2002 maintenance fees for the Winter period weeks from the current highs to $650.00 and $975.00 for 1BR and 2BR cottages. Actually, she stated that implementation for the 2002 fee year would be contingent on the sale of at least 50% of the unsold inventory of Winter weeks. Since this significant potential has not happened during the first 16 of the 25 year 'right to use' period, it would appear that the caveat would not be realized. The real question that should have been addressed was what would be the scenario if such was not realized? Since Ms Woolf was not in attendance, there was no ability to address this important issue. Several Club members felt that this year's meeting was poor since the vital questions were not answered.